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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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1-Nil To The Hammers!!!

I was extremely busy yesterday afternoon doing my hot wine service for the commune and was totally oblivious to what was going on in the Chelsea v West Ham match. I was expecting the worse after such a dreadful run of results, especially with a keeper who’d never played in the Premiership before so I was ecstatic when I heard the result! My nephew Wils was at the match sitting in a Chelsea sector so he was lucky to get out alive. Football fans can smell a visiting supporter a mile away and as hard as one may try you give yourself away in about the first 30 seconds of the match!

It was a totally different day today as the resort was trashed yesterday and with no new snow overnight and flat light and wind it wasn’t the easiest as we didn’t have many options. Still, Thomas, Jean Marc and I managed solid morning but it was a nice one to get through in one piece. I’ve noodled myself a few times already this season and Charlie has been delightfully taking photos of me with snow in my ears and packed between my face and sunglasses!

It’s snowing now and we should receive a fresh canvas for tomorrow when the sun is forecast to return and the resort should be empty. Yesterday they gave away free parking (and I heard a rumour of free lift passes) and the resort was absolutely rammed with every parking space filled. No wonder the snow didn’t last very long but today’s snowfall will set us up nicely.

I’m off to the gym to stretch out before heading to Johnnie Alpine’s for football and curry. Stay tuned!

PS Jean Marc is here for a month, Chris will arrive on Tuesday, Pietro is coming next week, and TJ has become a Grandad!