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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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10 out-of 10!!!

Andreas and I teamed up this morning (I was going to say hooked up but the girls tell that in modern language that now has a sexual connotation!) and we took our teams for a ‘double-skin’ and were rewarded with wonderful snow and the mountain to ourselves. Simon will guess where we’ve been in about two seconds but I’m in ‘code-mode’ as we’ve had sun and wind damage to go along with track damage and even though the resort is empty we’ve less options than you might think. Thomas and Jean Marc were in action again today and Chris arrives today.

I’m looking forward to football and curry at Johnnie Alpines tonight as Tottenham v Man U at Old Trafford will be extra spicy with the Jose factor and hopefully we’ll see some of the Liverpool match as well.

For the moment my landline isn’t functioning properly and my French mobile isn’t working wither so if you want to get in touch with me please use my UK mobile 07952 882 518.

We’ve a couple more days of sunshine to look forward to but by the time the weather turns again we’ll be in need of a fresh canvas and looking forward to it. Stay tuned!

PS It was great to run into Jean R and Richard H at the Olympique this morning. They are both well and happy to be here!