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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Considering the risk was 4/5 with flat-light and a very limited opening I thought it was a pretty good morning. We all headed up Bellevarde and skied the regular variations on offer and the snow quality was excellent. The overnight winds didn’t do too much damage and although we were expecting 10 to 15 cm’s of fresh snow it seemed more like 20 to 30 cm’s in places.

Unfortunately there were very few lifts open this morning. And frustratingly some potentially fantastic skiing has been blocked off by World Cup preparations. I wanted to ski the OK piste from the top with 20 to 30 cm’s of lovely powder on top. But, it was roped off and with several Pisteurs standing around and I didn’t want to burn any  ‘Pisteur’ points. The Face du Bellevarde is also closed and it would have been wonderful this morning. Still, we all managed a good morning in tricky conditions and I didn’t get down until 1:15 and JM was even later!

Don’t forget Karen and Andreas will be playing at the Danois at 6 o’clock on Friday. It’s my favourite two hours of every week and I always look forward to it. Mind you opening up the Tour down TJ’s Shoulder is always fun!

Stay tuned!

PS No photos today as my camera didn’t cooperate!