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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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I thought we did a really good job today dealing with a packed out resort and a 4/5 avalanche risk. Besides dealing with the snow conditions we needed to be a step ahead to avoid the crowds as well.

Considering the risk was rated at 4/5 we enjoyed a ‘maximum-turn’ type morning and got in a lot of skiing. (see photos) The pisteurs triggered some really good slides with their blasting this morning. But, we felt the mountain seemed pretty stable and we capitalised with some fantastic itineraries. Bravo boys!

It was Ian’s birthday today and what a way to celebrate! He and Andreas had a terrific ski followed by a cracking lunch. Many happy returns Ian!

Millie and I sadly say goodbye to Mags today after a fantastic week. She’s been great company and the lady is a solid skier as well. We hope to see you again in April Mags!

Mils and I have a rendezvous with Tchenko and Uffe tonight at the Danois for the Revolverlites. They’re a great band and good fun so come along if you’re in the resort.

Sun is forecast for tomorrow so we should have another brilliant day. Stay tuned!

PS Thanks for the track this morning Pat!

PPS And good-bye for now to Johnny Alpine as well!