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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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4/5 But Great Skiing!!!

After pretty much a complete shut-down yesterday due to ferocious gusts the wind abated and we had a cracking good ski this morning. With a avalanche risk of 4/5 very little was open but we managed a great morning chasing as Henry would say, “the low hanging fruit”. Considering the wind of late the snow quality was excellent and after a bit of ‘cabin fever’ everyone was just happy to be outside skiing and the fact that the skiing was so good was a bonus.

On the injury front, Dave Stockill has been limping about town for the past 5 or 6 days but he’s now in plaster as it has turned out to be a fracture. Good luck Dave for speedy recovery! While Dave was hobbling about on crutches Dave’s wife Suzie and son Ben joined Chris off-piste this morning. It was Ben’s first time with Alpine and he did really well. Bravo Ben!

Gill’s sister Viv arrived last night along with Wils and Rosie and we had a great evening last night eating chili and having a few glasses of wine. We look forward to a festive Christmas period as Viv is a bit of a live-wire! Stay tuned!

PS Merry Christmas!!!

PPS Has anyone left some kit in my cave, including a blue helmet with goggles and some bright orange ski trousers? If I don’t hear from someone I’m going to bin it.