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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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40 Cm’s And Cold!!!

About 40 centimetres of snow was laying on my terrace this morning and it was cold! The cold night dried out the snow and we had some superb quality this morning, especially on SE to SW slopes.

I was expecting a slow opening this morning but the Piste Service had the Olympique running by 9:05. That was a fantastic result because they have been a little bit slack up until now. And to really make the most of the snow the sun was shining until about 10:30 and we filled our boots. (See photos) The ski clouded over and it was back to flat-light skiing and navigating, which was tough when we started off with perfect vis! But just when we were about done the skies brightened and we had another couple of great runs to finish off an excellent morning.

The avalanche risk is a healthy 4/5 at the moment so ‘low-hang-fruit’ was the name of the game this morning. There were a lot of slides down to ground level and lots of plaques had popped out as well. The warning signs are there and I’m glad it’s not the Christmas period with thousands of people in the ‘powder-frenzy’ mode.

It’s Tansy’s birthday today so she and Andreas have been out to lunch. Happy Birthday Tansy and have a wonderful day! I have the feeling it’s Suzanne’s birthday any day now as well. (Hope I haven’t missed it?)

It’s snowing lightly as I write at 3:35 so hopefully we’ll have a fresh canvas again tomorrow morning. Stay tuned!

PS Forgot to mention that they were checking for Covid Passports to get the the lifts this morning.