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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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435 Photos!!!

Blimey, it was such an unexpectedly brilliant morning that I took 435 photos, which is a record! I groaned when the number came up because it meant a good hour at least culling photos before enhancing them. But, what a morning it was.

After a test off the Verte we opened the Tour via TJ’s, then had a great run through the gully and trees towards the Mattis, then a lovely run off the Laisinant Chair before skiing the Combe du Signal, followed by a royal finish over the Col Pers.

Considering we had 150kph winds last night on the Pisaillas the snow was fantastic. We had some wind compressed snow at times and most of it was slightly ‘educational’, but I thought it was all quite stunning! (see photos)

The big snow that we are waiting for should start tomorrow night but we’ll wait and see. Not much has fallen yet but with the wind blowing snow in in places we’ve some great skiing out there. Stay tuned!

PS I’m sure I’ve forgotten some info but it’s taken me so long to deal with the photos that I’m cooked!

PPS I knew I’d forgotten a few things. Simon found his £160 lens in his pocket. At 160 you can understand why he went back to have a look! And there were avalanches in the Grand Vallon and the Vallonnet. People were taken but I don’t think there was any serious injuries, although a helicopter was used.

PPPS And don’t forget the big gig at the Danois tomorrow night. Karen and Andreas will have Mike and Ritchie joining them for a special night in honour of the Danish boys.