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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Better Than Expected, Again !!!

I was thinking we might end up with a short morning today, but it ended up being a great ski with a 1:15 finish! I was travelling light today with Carol and Johnnie Alpine and we ended up skiing the Borsat, the big face of the Balme for the first time this season, the Chardonnet and the Sache.

We had unexpected sunshine for the first two runs, which we were thankful for, and then the clouds rolled in and it was back to flat-light for the first time in a month. It started to snow towards the end of the morning, which was exciting, and we had some pretty poor vis in the Sache.

Andreas had a great morning with Ian. They were working on technique in the steep and skied the Borsat and the Balme. Chris was skiing with a couple of Australians, Fiona and Hock, on their first visit to Val d’Isere. Chris skied the Borsat, the Lower Chardonnet, and the Sachette with them.

It was one of those morning where no one had huge expectations but ended up with a really good result.

I’m about to settle in for Spurs v Chelsea and what a result for the Hammers yesterday! Stay tuned!

PS It hasn’t yet snowed very much as it seemed to stop just when it was looking promising. Fingers crossed that it starts up again!