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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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A Beautiful Day!!!

I was just checking the webcams and it’s an absolutely stunning day in Val d’Isere! There isn’t a cloud in the sky and with fresh snow it’s post-card perfect.

It snowed yesterday but they still managed to run a Men’s World Cup Race and I believe today they will host the Downhill. That will give the locals something to do and I’m sure we’ll see some footage on the news. Because the lifts are running for the races the local Club Des Sports kids are allowed to train, which is a fantastic relief from an intense lockdown.

Andreas is ‘skinning’ with Virginie this morning so they should have a wonderful time. Clear skies, fresh snow, and certainly no other people! Check out the Facebook page later today for some photos and a video or two.

I’ve just booked a flight to arrive December 27th and fingers crossed that it isn’t cancelled. Getting a flight is easy at the moment, actually getting on one is another story! Stay tuned!

PS Adam F just reported that the race was on EuroSport.