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A Big Day!!!

We’ve all had the wind taken out of our sails over the last few days. The national lockdowns in both France and the UK have shut down our long awaited opening weekend. How long these lockdowns will last is anybody’s guess but we can only hope for the best.

One bit of seriously good news comes from Chris in Normandy. He says that Covid19 tests are now available in the pharmacies with rapid results. It’s all in-house and extremely convenient, and free! Chris is stopping by his local pharmacy this afternoon to get details so check later for a detailed account of this test. It could be a massive step in the right direction towards some sort of ski season this winter.

It’s a big day for golfers around Europe today as the new World Handicap System kicks in. It all makes sense and it will be easier to travel from club to club, or country to country and have a handicap suitable for whatever course you may be playing. It will come in handy next summer when Richard F and I take on Deborah and Dave D in our annual match!

Stay tuned and I’ll let you know about the French Covid testing. If the French can sort it why is there such a testing problem here in the UK?