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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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A Bit Of Adventure!!!

It was sunny again today but the weather is changing with snow in the forecast. Chris and I took advantage and after coffee on my terrace headed to the Fornet for a good walk. We headed up towards the Bailletta and had a nice conditioning walk with fabulous scenery.

After a good climb we stopped and sat down to admire the views and suddenly there was a rumbling behind us. The noise took our attention and we looked back behind where we’d just come to see massive rocks tumbling down the mountain. Our immediate thoughts were that some chamois had dislodged them and sure enough some appeared shortly afterwards. If it wasn’t the chamois it could have been hunters up above. It just goes why while walking, running or skiing in the mountains listening to music is a no-no!

We came back down and then decided to continue on and do the Balcon circuit as well. It took a good couple of hours and we definitely profited from a glorious afternoon. (See photos)

Yesterday was a rotten day for the Hammers but I’m sure English rugby fans enjoyed a wonderful afternoon. I didn’t see the match but it must have been brilliant. And Louis is certainly making things interesting for all you Formula 1 lovers. You’ve got to love the wide world of sport!

Stay tuned, I’m just finding some rhythm!