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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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A Blast From The Past!!!

My dear friend Lisa has just sent me a photo from back in my ‘Lake Louise’ days before I came to France. Lisa set me up with my first studio in Val d’Isere through the Val Agence and all I had to do was drop by and pick up the keys. In those days it was really difficult to find accommodation and I didn’t realise until the next season how lucky I was to just arrive in town with my place to stay already sorted. Lisa had spent some time in Europe and Val d’Isere and told me I had to go, so I did and forty years later I’m still there! She was very good friends with Piers W back in the day and I will always be thankful to her for introducing me to Val d’Isere!

In the photo I’m the good looking one in the red k-way trousers and my brother is a little bit further along. Lisa is second from the right and my great friend Lori is second from the left. Lori, alias ‘the Champ’ because she was such a brilliant sportswomen, spent time in the Yukon during the summers making her living playing poker with the miners. We all met up a couple of summers ago at Lisa’s place in Vancouver and it was a wonderful reunion with some of the world’s great characters!

Meanwhile our lockdown continues and the Watson’s are having a pretty good time considering the dire situation we all find ourselves in. Courage as the French would say and stay tuned!