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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Brilliant Three Mornings!!!

I’ve just finished three brilliant mornings with Alistair and his old university friends, Jeremy, Robert and Peter. The boys have had an outstanding time with fantastic snow and beautifully sunny skies. (See photos) They had a great time at the gig on Friday and have had two nights at the Garage and two at Flash. I look forward to skiing with them again soon.

Chris and Thomas were both in action today and we all headed up to the Col des Fours. Andreas had the day off and went down the valley to play golf and I’m not too sure what Jerome, Henry and Pietro were up to.

I’m looking forward to Liverpool v Man U at Johnnie Alpine’s tonight followed by one of his stunning curries. You may have noticed that John hasn’t featured in the photos lately? That’s because he broke a rib last Sunday and has been out ever since. We all hope you’ll be able to ski again soon John.

Yesterday’s Arsenal v Bournemouth game was outstanding but I was incredibly disappointed in the Hammers horrible result. And just when I thought they were gaining some momentum!

Stay tuned for more news and photos tomorrow.

PS The Revolverlites are playing a one-off Sunday gig at the Danois tonight.

PPS And happy birthday for Tuesday Alistair!