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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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A Brilliant Weekend!!!

Wow, weekends don’t get any better than that!

On Friday Katie and I drove up to Birmingham for a University Of Birmingham open day. We had a good look around the campus, checked out the accommodation and then sat in on a couple of lectures.  The ‘open’ day was incredibly well organised and left us feeling very impressed with the University.

We then drove into the city and parked near the Bull Ring. Katie and I had a walk around and we’re pleasantly surprised at how nice downtown Birmingham is. It all had a positive feel to it and Birmingham is definitely on Katie’s list.

With Robert Plant and Alison Krause playing together before the Eagles I thought I should introduce Katie to them. We picked up an Alison Krause CD (yes I’m a dinosaur!) and listened to her on the way home. Once we’d sampled Alison I pulled out Led Zeppelin for Kato. There’s nothing like ‘A Whole Lotta Love’ to introduce her to Robert Plant! We rocked along and it was a great drive home after a really positive and enjoyable day!

On Saturday Millie and I played in a team golf competition for Captain’s Day at our golf club. Our team consisted of Scott, Vicky, Millie and I. We had a lot of fun, played pretty well and came in around mid-table.

My friend Tchenko arrived Sunday morning for a couple of night’s and what a bonus weekend he had! My friend Charles had a ticket for him and he came along to the Eagles with us. (Thanks so much Charles!) We met Charles inside the venue and set up our stall dead-centre with Millie and Katie. (We had very decent viewing considering how many people were there)

Being a huge Led Zeppelin fan as a kid I was really looking forward to see Robert Plant. I never had the chance to see Zeppelin in the day so it was a privilege for me to finally see him live. I thought he was fantastic and the fusion of ‘bluegrass-country’ and powerful soulful rock was outstanding. Who would have ever put Alison Krause and Robert Plant together? But they gelled and worked really well blending their styles and influences together.

The Eagles themselves were at their legendary best! My pal Charles was caught on video playing some wicked ‘air guitar’ while accompanying Joe Walsh on ‘In the City’. They played all the favourites and Millie had to tell me to stop singing so loudly! It was a great experience to take the girls to a night of such aging legends. They won’t be around forever and I’m so glad they had a chance to see them before they hang up their guitars. (Katie saw the Eagles with me when she was 14 but it was a first for Millie). And what a bonus for Tchenko to show up when he did!  (He arrived from France on his moped, which Charles thought was quite ‘legendary’in itself!)

To round off a better- than-brilliant-weekend Millie and I took Tchenko to play golf on Monday. We had a great round although we were totally drenched by a sudden downpour while playing the 8th. Fortunately the rain didn’t last too long and it quickly cheered up for the rest of our round.

In the evening we had a lovely BBQ and Gill’s friend Julia came over with her daughter Anna. We girls all had a good catch-up while I cooked and it was a great evening.

After a couple of outstanding days Tchenko packed his bags on the back of his Vespa this morning. He’s heading back to France and hoping to make Paris today. Bonne chance Tchenko!

Check the photos and stay tuned!