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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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A Change Of Conditions!!!

We’ve had a much needed change of conditions as about 5 to 10cm’s of snow fell last night up at the Fornet and we could see another 20 to 30cm’s over the next few days. It will give us a few powder mornings and with some cold weather could set us up for some fantastic spring snow to finish the season.

This morning Chris and I headed up into the wind at the Fornet and were rewarded with a nice accumulation of snow on the Pisaillas Glacier. We skied a couple of runs of powder-on-the-piste before heading over the Col Pers where we skied all the way to the bottom and walked out on the summer path. Needless to say we were the only ones out there and it was a cracking morning with just enough light to navigate and avoid haggis traps and with the fresh snow it made a welcome change underfoot.

I’ve skied with Richard’s daughter Francesca all week and it was her last day today before going back to University. She’s had a brilliant time, skied really well and was great company. Millie and Katie really enjoyed having her along and we look forward to seeing more of her next season.

And fingers crossed for even more fresh snow in the morning!

PS A warning to anyone driving down through Moutiers!!! I received a speeding ticket that was mailed to our UK address about a month ago and Gill has just received one from last week when she and Penny drove down to the airport. Gill was doing 99 in a 90-zone and was trying to be careful but it’s very difficult to keep a modern car down to 90 km/h for an extended period when you have your eyes on the road. They must be making a fortune at the moment!

PPS I’m missing you girls!!!