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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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A Change Of Scenery!!!

Frans, Doug, Jerry, Charlie and I headed down the valley today for a change of scenery while being cautiously optimistic about finding some good skiing. After three weeks of sunshine with a couple of nights of 250kph mixed in and the Christmas/New Year period of track abuse as well, there isn’t much out there but the boys continue to find some excellent skiing and today we were rewarded for our efforts. (see photos) We had wonderful scenery with great ambience and solitude as we were the only skiers in sight, and the snow wasn’t bad either! I gave Doug a ‘sniff-of-the-day-award’ for pointing out an easier route around a steep wall where we normally use couteaux, which we did today, and I can’t believe we haven’t worked it out after all these years. Nice one Doug! We had a few technical issues on our ‘skin’ and hats off to Charlie who dealt with some pretty tricky ‘skinning’ without the aide of couteaux and better him than me because I needed mine! Bravo Charlie!

Chris and Suzanne went down to La Rosiere to ski into Italy for lunch and with it being Saturday and quiet with bright blue skies I’m sure they had a wonderful day while Thomas stayed in town and was heading towards the Pramecou. Andreas had the day off and I’m not too sure what Henry was up to. After yesterday when he went to his interview wearing a beret with a French Football/Rugby scarf wrapped around his neck I’m sure he’ll be changing his name to Henri. Stay tuned!