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A Change Of Scenery!!!

The forecast was for some decent light early on with clouds and light snow moving in by the end of the morning and the Fornet sector was expected to have the better lasting visibility so TJ, Chris and I headed there for a change of scenery. Andreas went over the Col yesterday afternoon with Alex and Henry so I had a good idea of what to expect and even with the poor visibility we had a pretty good morning. (See photos) It was nice to be at the Fornet again as that was probably about the third time and the last five weeks, which just shows how battered it’s been by the wind so far this season. We had some lovely snow up high and in places had to search for little strips that worked amongst the hard waves created by the wind and in some places the odd patch of rain-crust that have been hanging around since December 24th. The wind keeps lifting off any new snow and exposing the icy patches so fingers crossed we’ll get some snow the sticks one of these days soon.

The Gorge du Malpasset is definitely a no-go zone and the Pisteurs have been rescuing skiers and boarders this week who passed through last season and seemed to think the Gorge is always passable. Anyway, the ski down from the Grand Torsai is interesting and besides that odd icy patch that needs side-slipping there was some good slopes of chalky soufflé and I though it could have been a lot worse. All in all it was a good morning in much tougher conditions and it was nice to have a couple of Bouquetin above us on the way out.

Andreas skied the Cabin de le Gard, off the Mattis and the Cairn in Tignes and he was pretty happy with his morning as well. Henry was out there somewhere and I think Thomas had the day off.

Don’t forget Andreas and Karen’s gig tomorrow night at the Danois starting at 5 o’clock. The Guinea Pigs play tonight at 5:30 so we have two great après-ski sessions to look forward to. See you there!

And the good news is that it is snowing lightly and hopefully we’ll have 15cm’s of fresh snow by the morning. Stay tuned!

PS Thanks to Doug for a very Merry dinner last night, brilliant Doug!!! And I took a whipper on the Torsai today just after telling my group that it was a no-fall zone! Chris radioed my and just as I reached for my radio the snow gave way underneath me and I caught an edge and went down like a sack of potatoes! Thought I was heading for the gorge for a moment or two!!!