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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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A Change Of Weather?

We’re expecting a change in  the weather over the next few days. Today may have been the last of the wonderful sunshine for a while but  hopefully we’ll get some much needed snow.

There was a good freeze today and we had another good day of spring skiing. Chris and Thomas went ‘skinning’ while Andreas and I skied off the lift system. Mind you I did throw in an twenty-minute ‘skin’ which access the best snow of the morning. (See photos)

My Canadian golf and ski friend Peter arrived last night. We had a lovely evening down at Andreas’s as we were invited down for a BBQ. Ian came along and Andreas’s dad Rolf was there along with Ness, Victor, and a friend Emily. Thanks very much Tansy and Andreas for a great night!

I’m getting ready to head to the Danois for the Revolverlites who start between 3:30 and 4 o’clock. It’s an outside gig so no covid excuses. Hope to see you there.

Stay tuned!