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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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A Change Of Weather?

Rumour has it that it may start snowing on Wednesday. We are so desperate for snow and are in need of a fresh canvas to work with. With 1% of our off-piste domain skiable for most of the winter a trackless mountain is hard to imagine.

After so many days of sunshine it will be a shock to be plunged back into winter and flat-light. And it could possibly snow for most of April. It wouldn’t be the first time as we’ve witnessed snowy April’s many times over the years. It feels like the winter is almost over but we still have over 20% remaining! There is still plenty of time to change how this season will be remembered.

As tough as it’s been so far this season I’ve still really enjoyed it. It hasn’t been easy but it’s still a privilege to be skiing every day in the world’s finest resort. And we’ve a wonderful clientele who are great company to share it with. We all take the good with the bad but even the bad is much better than some of the alternatives.

Chris, Thomas and I were all out on the mountain today. Chris and I ‘skinned’ while Thomas went the ‘gravity-fed’ route. I thought it was another jolly good morning skiing and a good result all around. (See photos)

A strong foehn wind has been blowing now for ten days or so. The wind has kept the surface cool and the softening of the snow has been delayed. We’ve moved our starting time back from 8:50 to between 9:15 and 9:30 to help avoid being early on slopes. With the time change tonight it’s going to be even more difficult! I might start at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning and that will still be early. All my colleagues have the morning off and they’re leaving it to me to test the new time zone! (Jerks!)

As the sun rises higher in the sky the terraces are filling up and people are reluctant to come indoors. As a result the Danois is starting to get pretty quiet a gig time. Karen and Andreas started playing to Faye, Jeremy, Philip and I, plus a few regulars, which was a bit tough on them. But they dealt with it admirably and put on a great show.

Fortunately after a quiet start people starting filing in and it wasn’t long before the place was rocking.  It was another excellent gig with Karen’s wonderful voice backed up by Andreas’s guitar work and looping.

Gill, Millie and Katie are arriving on April 3rd. It will be Gill’s first trip since February 2020 and we are all seriously looking forward to it. Thankfully the stress of Covid testing is over and I can pretty much count on their arrival. It’s been a bit lonely this season and no wonder I spend so much time in the Danois!

Stay tuned!