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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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A Cracking Ride!!!

I did another coat on my terrace table this morning while waiting for Darty to deliver a new fridge. Once it was installed and the old one taken away I went out for my ride.

It seems line the entire biking-world has gone electric! Ladies were lying past me like I was standing still. One woman even had a small dog in her shopping basket! I thought the point of cycling was to get in shape? (Lots of the blokes have gone electric as well so it’s not just the ladies!)

Does it mean that people with electric bikes need to ride 5 times as long to get the same exercise? At the moment I’m quite happy with my 40 to 45-minutes climb. It seems like a decent workout and my ass wouldn’t stand too much more time in the saddle!

I’m going a little higher each day now as the snow melts and more tarmac appears. It’s so nice having the road closed as it’s safe and peaceful. Once the road opens and it I may look at this cycling routine a little differently?

On the way down today I stopped and took some photos of flowers and succulents. All the shots were taken on the same hillside in about a two-sq metre patch. The main flower show hasn’t yet started but there is still lots of colour about and a variety of plants.

CanalPlus was acting up last night so I missed the Newcastle v Arsenal match. I bet Harry Kane and his pals are happy boys this morning!

Stay tuned!