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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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A Day Off!!!

The plan today was to go for a pretty decent ‘skin’. But when I woke up to some cloud cover the thought of a rest took hold. I didn’t have any clients this morning so that made it easy. I was going to accompany Steve and Chris but decided to give my legs a rest.

Chris was happy for an easier morning so he took Steve up to the Fornet for a recce. It snowed a little overnight so he was hoping for a cushion blown into the gullies onto the lee slopes. Unfortunately it wasn’t as good as he’d hoped and the Fornet unfortunately still doesn’t have too much to offer. At least it cleared up and they had a good ski in the sunshine.

The Danois was a little quieter than usual last night. For the first time in ages we didn’t have much of an ‘Alpine’ presence. We lost a couple through Covid and a few more just didn’t want to take the risk catching it.

I can totally understand that. People, (me included) think that it’s less serious than a winter cold or flu. But, with a cold or flu you don’t need to isolate and miss work. Some people just can’t afford a week to ten days off work. Others have important jobs where they are counted on and really need to be there.

At the moment it’s a very civilised ‘seated only’ set up. You need to reserve a table and remain seated. The bar staff come to you so there is no congregating at the bar. And masks need to be worn when walking to the loo and back.

That is all about to come to an end when the rules change. It will be back to a free for all. They will be many more people crammed into the bars. People will be allowed to jump up and down, scream and shout, and dance in their ski boots. Sounds like fun for some but I’m not looking forward to it.

March 22nd will be three months since my last Covid case. After three jabs and two Covid doses my immunity will be starting to wear off. I’ll need to reassess how comfortable I’ll be going into my favourite establishments, especially the Danois. I must say though that it would be very difficult to give up my favourite two hours of the week!

With all that said Iain and his son Murray had a wonderful time at the gig last night!

I was a little smug this morning after Man U’s demise in the FA Cup yesterday. I’m not so smug now that West Ham are trailing 1-0 at half-time to Kidderminster. Blimey! Come on boys, pull yourselves together!

Stay tuned!

PS And Chelsea are on the ropes!