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A Day Off!!!

It was a quiet day today so I advantage and took the day off.

My day started with a 3 am alarm to drive TJ to Tignes to catch his bus. The second alarm of a day was at 7 am to welcome Johnnie Alpine who was coming to check a potential electrical problem.

Chris, John and I then went down to Bourg to do some shopping as Millie arrives tomorrow with her Uni friend Anna. I’ve stocked up as Anna is in for some good old fashioned Watson hospitality and it will be great to meet her properly.

I then met Chris and Suzanne at the gym after my first football match off the day on Andreas’s Canal Plus screen. I then rushed home for my second match, Spurs v City, and what a match that turned out to be!

Thanks to Johnnie Alpine for supper last night followed by the Newcastle v West Ham match. It was looking seriously dire for the Hammers after about 15 seconds but what a fight back, and what a brilliant point and performance!

And now for the bad news. Richard Foster has had an accident in Switzerland today. He’s had a forty-foot fall and needed a helicopter rescue. He needs surgery tonight on a pelvic injury and I’ll keep you posted as more concrete news come through. Good luck Richard and we are all thinking of you!

That sort of thing puts your sports world into prospective. Stay tuned!