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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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A Day Off!!!

I’ve enjoyed my first day off since being forced to miss a couple of days before Christmas due to injury, and I was so tempted to go for a recognisance mission in the Fornet. I guess it’s a good sign to finally have a day off skis but still feel like skiing, but I decided against it to give my body a chance to rest. (But Chris would have gone with me!) Anyway, I saw Chris at the gym, I’ve been waxing the girls and my skis, 6 pairs in total, and been generally relaxing on the terrace. Chris and I are back in action tomorrow as Chris starts another week with the Ski Club while I’m on regular duty.

It was a fantastic night in Le Petit Danois last night as Karen and Andreas continue to improve while adding new songs along the way, and they were brilliant! Ness stood up in front of a full house to sing Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ and as a proud ‘Swiftie’ I thought it was outstanding. Ness has such stage presence at such an early age and Victor and Tansy were in the crowd cheering her on! If you haven’t come out to see them yet don’t hesitate because you’re missing a great early-evening out! It was also wonderful to have my beau-frère Pete (Pav) along as well as Jess, Kevin, Jane, Imogen, Caroline’s crew, the Farrer’s, Jim S and his lovely wife, David Mac, Dick, Tckenko, Penny, the Gladman’s, and a host of other regulars. What a night!

The Hammers picked up a good win last night to finish off a top day and today is a couch-potatoes’ paradise with Premiership football and a couple of massive Six Nations games. Have a great afternoon and stay tuned!