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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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A Disjointed Start!!!

I was a little weary from my trip to the airport last night followed by Man City v Liverpool (thanks Geoff) and I didn’t really need the Olympique to be shut down due to electrical issues. In fact the Funival was down as well so my team jumped on the bus to head to the Fornet but we ended up on the wrong bus and needed to get out and cross the road and walk back to the Fornet bus stop in the centre of town. Then I decided it was going to be cold at the Fornet without huge rewards so we had a nice run off the Parc au Moutons into the L and headed back the other way. We took the chairs up Bellevarde and skied a very good Kern with nice soft soufflĂ© and instead of heading back to the upper chair I thought a run to the bottom to warm back up on the then-open Olympique would be a good idea, but unfortunately the piste was shockingly hard and that turned out to be a bad decision. The piste really shouldn’t even be open and I now remember why I never ski down there! From there we played under the Borsat Chair en-route to Tignes and the Grande Motte. I was hoping for some smooth strips of blown in snow but the Motte has taken a serious beating and we ended up having a run down a gully that I haven’t skied in years and that was much smoother with a few soft-snow turns thrown in. Then we milked the last of the nice snow in the Fresse Bowl (see photos) before finishing with some nice chalky snow in the steeps under the Tommeuses lift before skiing the Familial. See, it even sounds disjointed! It was pretty good skiing for the most part but I’ll never ski the Face du Bellevarde again!

Don’t forget the Alpine Get-together starring Andreas and Karen, which kicks-off at the Danois at 5 o’clock. If you’re the type who wants to pre-load or just save a few quid their Happy Hour finishes at 5 sharp. See you there and stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

And a big Happy Birthday to Ed!!!

PS Adam sent me a couple of photos of the Guinea Pigs from last night. His wife Nicky enjoys them almost as much as I do! I’ll see you there next week!