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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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A Down Day!!!

The wind rattled my bedroom window all night and Radio Val announced a maximum wind speed of 217kph on the Pisaillas Glacier last night and 120kph on the summit of Bellevarde. Needless to say it was a little windy! The resort was pretty much shut down except they opened the Funival to adults only and our off-piste prospects were pretty limited so my team decided to knock it on the head and I went home to paint.

I felt bad about not going up for at least one run to give it a go but I’ve a home decorating project on the go and the painting wouldn’t get done before the family arrive if I didn’t have and entire day to get stuck in. Normally I get home after skiing and by the time I’ve had lunch, sorted and posted the photos and written the blog it’s at least 3 o’clock and by the time I start filling cracks or sanding or painting it’s almost time to clean up and it takes forever to get anywhere. So I apologise to my team as I would have had a ‘sniff’ this morning if I didn’t have this project on the go. I feel less bad as the weather deteriorated rather quickly as it’s now snowing with totally flat light and it is even blowing harder now than it was while sitting in the Gourmandine. (I’ve posted a few photos from my terrace)

PS After a successful day of painting I’m going to the Danois as the Tuesday night band is pretty jolly good. Maybe see you there?