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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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A Family Affair!!!

It was a family affair this morning as Chris was skiing with Michiel’s children, Julius, Gaius and Selma while I had Stephane and his son Arthur. We headed towards the sunshine and warmer temperatures of Tignes as it was jolly cold this morning. Unfortunately we had a lift issue that slowed us down a little but we still had a good morning. (see photos) It was Arthur’s first-ever foray off-piste and I thought he did really well. Bravo Arthur!

Meanwhile Andreas, Thomas and Henry all headed up to the Fornet to ‘face the dragon’ as Henry likes to say. They had pretty flat light early on but it did cheer up later on and they benefited with some great skiing.

Jerome is in St Foy with Pietro taking care of the Ski Club. Good luck boys as that’s a pretty tough gig at the moment.

We haven’t yet received any significant snow and last night’s wind didn’t do us any favours. But, it’s been tough all season long and when ‘the going gets weird, the weird turn pro’, and we will continue to do our best.

Stay tuned!