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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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A Fresh Cushion!!!

It snowed about 15cm’s overnight and the snow was accompanied by a fairly strong north-westerly wind that transported snow onto the lee slopes and didn’t leave much new snow in others. It was much warmer today and with a ‘light-bulb’ of light coming and going we had some moments of decent visibility. I started off with the Face du Bellevarde, which was excellent and probably the best run of the day, followed by the Fontaine Froide, Bonnevie’s Drag, the Epaule du Charvet into the Santons, the Kern, the lower Borsat and the lower Familial to finish. Chris and TJ were out there as well and we all had a pretty good morning.

We could see up to 40cm’s more snow by the morning meaning a lot of sectors will be coming back into play but there will also be a serious rise in the avalanche risk and caution will definitely be needed.

I’m off to the gym shortly before heading up to Geoff and Inga’s to watch Tottenham v United followed by supper. Sounds like a great way to end another good day. Stay tuned!

PS I think I’m sorted for my medication delivery so thank you to all of you who offered to help.