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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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A Good Effort!!!

Winds of over 250 km/h raged overnight at altitude and with very little open yesterday the task today was massive to get the resort open. I took my team for a run on the Rogoney, which I’ve never really used before in living memory, and we had an excellent shot through the trees in deep powder. By the time we arrived back down thinking of another the run the queue was daunting so we took the bus to La Daille and ‘skinned’ up to the Triffolet for a good run down through the trees. By this time it was 11 o’clock so we called it a day and everyone went off to get on with the rest of the day. At 12:45 the resort was still closed so I think we made a good call and made the most of the day. Chris, Andreas and JM were all in the neighbourhood trying their best and hopefully we’ll have better luck tomorrow.

I ran into Eric from Flash Pizza today in the bus and he’d passed us on our ‘skin’ this morning. He’s been coming here since 1968 and has skied here since he was 4-years-old. He’s a cracking good guy and I definitely can recommend a visit to Flash Pizza, which has great ambience and even better pizza!

Thanks to Ray who helped Gill clean out the cave. It’s an annual event at this time of year and it’s a job that isn’t for the fainthearted! Thanks Ray.

Katie and I had a nice time in the Garage last night watching Tottenham v Chelsea with the Farrer family. It’s fantastic having Katie enjoying her football and our next match will be Liverpool and Leicester on Boxing Day. Stay tuned!

PS And what a cracking effort from Chris and his team of Americans! After ‘skinning’ up at La Daille they made their way to the Fornet where the cable car eventually opened and they skied the trees until 2:30 after an 11 o’clock start. Chris and Thomas were both working on the World Cup yesterday from 5AM until 5PM, which is way beyond the call of duty and after another long day today Chris is knackered. Bravo Chris and well done Thomas as well!