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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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A Good Rummage About!!!

It was a potential ‘stinker’ this morning as it was cold and windy with grey skies and very little new snow to work with. The thermometer on the top of Bellevarde read -15C and when we turned into the wind it was glacial and any exposed skin was frostbitten almost immediately. We didn’t get any relief until we arrived at Bonnevie’s Drag, which was in the lee and we had four good runs there while our spirits lifted in 5 to 10cm’s of snow that had been transported by the wind. Next up was under the Mont Blanc but it wasn’t very pleasant so Chris and I traversed onto the closed piste coming down from Toviere. which was a good escape. I then cut into the lower Familial to find some gullies of soft snow, and then skied one on the piste before deciding to change sector via the Epaule du Charvet, which was surprisingly good and adventurous. We then headed up Solaise to ski the combe above the Mattis where I was expecting wintery type snow of some sort but it was humid with a grabby layer underneath so we headed back up Bellevarde to finish with another Epaule du Charvet. TJ and Chris were in the neighbourhood and I thought it was a pretty jolly good morning as we all rummaged around in really tough conditions. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and bravo to you all for hanging in there! (See photos)

Hopefully we’ll get at least another ten centimetres before the morning. The snow is accumulating in the lee and in the gullies but we definitely need more on top of some of the tricky skiing as the base is still grabbing the skis. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!

PS We even made it through the morning without a hot chocolate!

PPS And don’t forget the Guinea Pigs tomorrow night at the Danois at 5:30 and Andreas and Karen on Friday at 5PM. See you there!