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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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A Great Diversion!!!

Friday night’s gig was a great diversion! It was so nice to drift away into the Danois to watch live music. The Danois has become a huge part of my winter seasonal-life over the past few years and I miss it desperately. Thanks to Henrik for hosting the event and to Karen and Andreas, and to Ed and Jamie for supplying the music. Here’s to another gig soon please!!! (I posted a couple of photos)

Covid is getting closer and closer as our area now has roughly 1 in every 25 people carrying the virus. Just look around the supermarket and you know that quite a few people around you are potential carriers. It wasn’t too long ago that the number was closer to 1 in a 100! That’s a dramatic increase over the past few weeks, which doesn’t bode well!

Stay tuned for hopefully better news soon!

PS And if my arithmetic is correct it’s about 1 in 13 in London. So much for better news!