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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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A Great Follow Up!!!

It’s not always easy to follow up such a stunning day as yesterday. It really was outrageously good. But, the boys put on a pretty good show today and everyone had a fantastic morning.

Thomas opened up with the Face du Charvet before returning for the tour via the Mont Blanc Couloir. He then waited about 20 minutes for the Cugnai to open and was rewarded with first tracks.

Meanwhile I skied the Borsat and meadows into Tignes before filling my boots with a couple on my shoulder. (See photos) We then skied the Cairn followed by a Funky Familial to finish.

Andreas decided to go for a walk but I’ll stay in code-mode for that one. Chances are I’ll be heading that way in the morning.

Henry was back in action today. He had a boarder, which minimised his options, and I’m not too sure we he did in the end.

The high pressure system is set in and we’re expecting a few more days of sunshine at least. At least this time around we have much better snow conditions and some options. Stay tuned!