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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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A Great ‘Sniff’ In The Sachette!!!

Thankfully we should see some snow tomorrow and hopefully conditions will get a little easier. Today was the last day of full sunshine for a day or two so we needed to make it count.

I had a lovely morning following my nose in the Sachette with Arianne, James, Richard, and Steve. With the wild winds of late there were even more icy patches than before the last snowfall. We booted up the ridge to get above the icy traverse below. But we arrived to find the wind had laid bare the ice higher up as well. Fortunately some snow had stuck to our old traverse which gave us easy purchase. We then had a good patch of soft snow about three metres wide to work with and the team did a cracking good job with it. Once off the steep we had some nice avenues of soft souffle to follow. We did two short ‘skins’ afterwards which led to nice snow as well. I thought it was a fun morning and a good result considering the snow on either side of our route. (See photos)

Thomas is down in Ste Foy today while Chris is still skiing with the Ski Club. Henry and Jerome are working together with a big Swedish group. And we had Emeric helping us today with a private.

I’m tidying up for my sins before I head down to Bourg for a huge shop. Then I’ll be off to Lyon to pick up Katie and her pal Jake. (Jake is just a good friend, honest!) We won’t be back until 2:30 or so so I’m off in the morning.

Karen will be playing solo tomorrow at the Danois so I’ll see you there. Katie and I are really looking forward to it and my golfing pal Charles will be there with his friends.

Stay tuned!