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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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A Little Recce!!!

After a great day off the Motte yesterday Chris and I decided to keep Henry company on a recce to the Fornet. Our first test of the snow was off the Super L with the option of escaping into the L. But the fresh falling snow had eaten into the surface giving it a good soft spring snow feel. With a good texture underfoot we knew that all exposures would have a nice spring base.

We headed up to the Pisaillas Glacier and thought of jumping into the Combe de 3300. But it looked so rough and uneven that we gave it a miss and headed up the T-Bar. At this stage the light was good enough to venture out into the Pays Desert. But once out there the light disappeared pretty quickly and it became a ‘travelling safely in the mountains’ experience. Once under the cloud we did a little ten-minute ‘skin’ to access the big slopes down to the poma.

At this stage it was socked in everywhere so we headed back to Bellevarde via another Super L. We finished off the morning with a great run in the Altiport with just enough light for a comfortable positive ski. (See photos)

Meanwhile Andreas and Thomas headed towards Tignes and had great skiing between the Lower Chardonnet and the Grande Motte. Tignes has had more snow than the Fornet so I’m sure we’ll all be heading back that way tomorrow.

I’m busy tidying up for the girls arrival on Sunday but I’ll be at the Danois for 5 o’clock. The Lunettes are playing and it’s going to be a fantastic gig. See you there and stay tuned!

PS Happy Birthday Derek!