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A Miracle!!!

There was a massive avalanche yesterday involving a family of four. The family were out snowshoeing between La Daille and the centre of town against stern weather and avalanche warnings. (Yesterday I mistakenly reported that the avalanche occurred towards the Fornet) The avalanche risk was 5/5 while heavy snow was falling and forecast to continue.

The wife and children were found quite quickly but the father was buried under 2-metres of snow for over 2-hours. A rescue party of approximately 100 people had been probing in vain for over two-hours and any chance of finding the fourth victim was dwindling by the second. Eventually a new piece of equipment that tracks mobile phone signals arrived, and the new device was the deciding factor. Miraculously the man was found by homing in on his mobile phone. During the final search a Pisteur located him as his probe landed on top of the victim’s head. (Since the man was vertical in the snow his head wasn’t much of a target!)

You can find more info with photos and video on Henry’s HAT website, as well as the Radio Val and welove2ski sites.

For the moment the road in-and-out of town is closed.

Usually the January 29th blog kicks-off with a big Happy Birthday post. My father-in-law Fred and Chris share a birthday today so Happy Birthday to you both. I hope both of you have a great day and safe travel Chris! (Normally they get top-billing but today they’ve been pushed back to the back pages!)

Stay tuned for more news soon!