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Fighting Off The Dreaded Lurgy!!!

Please check the latest important update at the bottom of the page!!!

I awoke feeling a bit rough this morning and decided a rest would do me a world of good. Feeling rough not because of bad nocturnal behaviour, but the old fashioned Val d’ Isere lurgy! Remember those? I wanted to nip it in the bud so a morning off and a shopping trip to Bourg should help. It was also nice sitting on my terrace soaking up the sun while having lunch and coffee. (I tested negative this morning so that was a relief although not unexpected)

Meanwhile, Andreas was back in action as was Thomas, Chris and JM. It’s tough out there so ‘code-mode’ is in full operation.

Thanks Johnnie Alpine for a fantastic football match last night. Tottenham v Liverpool was outstanding and it had everything. Fabulous end-to-end football! Gloriously missed chances! Great goal-keeping as well as a goal-keeping blooper! Incredibly poor and incompetent refereeing! Terrible VAR decisions leading to loads of controversy! Wow, what a match!

And thanks to Deborah and Richard for a great meal afterwards. (They’ll be pleased with my negative test result!)

Hopefully I’ll be feeling on better form tomorrow and be ready for action. Stay tuned!

PS Apparently people are arriving through Geneva. My French neighbour who lives in London says that the British are too ready to follow the rules. She says people are transiting through Geneva and the Swiss don’t seem too bothered. It’s probably much easier for individuals to make it through than a plane load of YSE clients!

PPS Just to let you know that Adam R who skied with me last week has tested positive for Covid. He was negative last night but felt unwell this morning so he retested and it came up positive. He will keep me posted as the lateral flow will be followed up by a PCR. Fingers crossed and stay tuned.

All those who have been in contact know what to do!