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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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A Morning Off!!!

Johnny Alpine was going to Bourg for lunch and Derek was going to take tomorrow off so we decided to all take today off and regroup tomorrow. Unfortunately the sun is shining unexpectedly and tomorrow’s forecast isn’t great. C’est la vie!

Mike had a call from work this morning and couldn’t ski so Chris is off as well. Andreas is skiing today with Ian and they’ll profit from the lovely weather.

I did manage to get a lot done this morning. I went to the pharmacy and they  helped me swap over my NHS Covid Pass onto the French system. You may need to do the same. Go to Tous Anti Covid and hopefully you’ll be able to get yourself sorted. There is talk of needed the French app to buy your lift ticket and get on lifts?

With a morning off I ended up doing a Pilates private with one of my regular ladies in Guildford. This Zoom business is a seriously good wheeze!

Chris and I will go to the gym later and I have my regular Wednesday night Zoom session with my Mum tonight.

Thanks Derek for a fantastic evening last night.

Stay tuned for more skiing news tomorrow!

PS Poor Gill has hurt her back and is off work. Fingers crossed she recovers quickly!!!