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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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A Much Easier Day!!!

It wasn’t the easiest but it was a much easier day than yesterday. I had originally planned on a ‘skin’this morning to get away from the masses. But on arriving on the summit of Bellevarde I changed my mind immediately. There were too many untracked slopes beckoning to spend time walking unnecessarily.

My team started with a tester off the Verte before skiing a Lower Borsat. We then had a cracking good run in the Chardonnet. The snow was much better than it looked from the top of the couloir and skied nicely. Then we headed up the Motte for my shoulder followed by the little bowl on the Fresse summit. We finished off a really pleasant morning with a trip through the Altiport. (See photos)

We had various types of snow this morning but it all skied well. Even the slightly ‘educational’ snow was easy enough to ski through and much easier than yesterday.

Thomas, Henry and Jerome all have all-day privates while Chris is skiing in Tignes with the Ski Club. And we have Jan from Top Ski helping us for a few days this week as well.

I’m getting very excited as Katie should be arriving Thursday night in Lyon. Needless to say Katie is even more excited as she hasn’t skied since February 2020. We haven’t seen each other since mid-November and we’ve a great week planned. Skiing, gigs, a couple of meals out and whatever else takes our fancy. See you soon Kato!

I forgot to mention the brilliant job Adam G did yesterday. There was a huge queue for the Solaise bubbles and he stepped in and took total control. The ski school priority line was in total chaos and not functioning at all. He stepped in, puffed out his chest and blocked the entire queue while he shepherded us through. It was ballsy, and very impressive. Bravo and thanks Adam!

Stay tuned!