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An Emotional Day!!!

I’ve been keeping an eye on a line above the Sache for a little while now and decided to have a go at it today with Chris as times are tough and we really are running out of tricks. After studying some photos from yesterday we could see where we needed to enter the slope to end up in the right place and it was a cracking good ski with great ambience. The snow could have been a bit better, but then again it could easily have been much worse after all the wind lately but it turned out to be a solid result and I think I’ll call it CW since Chris and I skied it together. Hats off to Michael who did a brilliant job helping out at the back of the group on the ‘skin’ up, which turned out to be a little tricky in places and he scored extra points for spotting my camera when it slipped out of my pocket. Thanks Michael! Meanwhile Andreas and Thomas had a really good result off the back of the Col du Palet and I’m not too sure what Henry skied today?

There was a tragic helicopter accident in La Rosiere yesterday during a training exercise and the man who was killed son plays hockey with Andreas’ son Victor and he was a friend of Thomas sister, who works in La Rosiere. Understandably both Andreas and Thomas were quite upset this morning and it made for an emotional morning. Millie had messaged me this morning to tell me that Taylor Swift had donated 5 million dollars to the Australian Fire Relief Fund and that put a tear in my eye and really kick-started my day and then to hear shortly afterwards about the accident in La Rossiere was a real swing of emotions. Andreas still has an ice hockey match in La Rosiere tonight and that will be tough. Good luck Andreas! And Jerry told me that 180 people have been arrested in Australia for arson. Can you believe it!

Stay tuned for better news tomorrow.

PS I was extremely pleased about Taylor Swift’s donation but incredibly shocked by the news of the arsonists!