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A Non-Starter!!!

Chris and I left this morning at 5:45 to be first in line at the Prefecture. We were obviously hoping for the best and trying to be positive.

It turned out to be a total non-starter. We didn’t even get past reception! The secretary was nice enough but there just didn’t seem to be anything she could do. (I didn’t feel like trying to cry and be pathetic!)

My hopes started to rise a little when she mentioned a Visa Retour from the French Consulate in London. I phoned thinking I’d be heading back to the UK on Friday. Of course you can’t speak to anyone and eventually I found an email address to make inquiries.

As it turns out permission to travel is up to the border police on the day of travel. The Consulate has no say in it. So to cut a long story short, I’m stuck here until at least mid-June.

I can’t risk a fine, or worse being banned and refused re-entry into France. So I’ll make the most of my time here but it will take a few days to get my head around it. It’s a wonderful place and I love it here, but it’s now time to be in the UK with my girls!

Stay tuned!

PS Thanks Chris for keeping me company!