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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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A Proper Flat-Light Morning!!!

It snowed about 15cm’s overnight, which gave us a pretty decent cushion but the best skiing was on the gentler slopes. It was snowing during the morning with an avalanche risk rising from 3 to4/5 as the temperature rose and Chris, Thomas, Henry and I all headed to the Fornet. We started off warming-up in the L or Mattis followed by a Grand Vallon and a Combe du Signal. The steeper slopes were a little bumpy underfoot, especially in the Grand Vallon, so we headed up to the Glacier for the best skiing of the morning. The Combe du 3300 was excellent although the light was extremely flat and we met up with Herve again in the fog. (It’s funny how we seem to keep running into Herve in the fog and in really good snow.) We skied the 3300 twice before having a great run towards the Combe de Geant and bits and pieces on the way down to finish a jolly good morning while Thomas went for a third in the 3300 and ended up skiing off a decent size cornice but was fortunately uninjured. (I beat myself up a little in the Grand Vallon as the light was pretty flat and there were a few bumps underneath so I’ll take some extra drugs tonight to settle my hip down) Bravo to all the boys for a job well done this morning!

Chris stayed up on the Glacier as he was skiing all-day with Tejina and hopefully the light improved for him as there was some fantastic snow on the Pisaillas. When we arrived at the bottom of the Fornet it was raining lightly in town but the snow/rain level is forecast to drop tonight and we may have a little sun and improved visibility tomorrow. Fingers crossed as it couldn’t be much worse!

Chris and I are doing the hot-wine-and-chocolate-routine tonight for our community service sso you may see us out there in front of the Tourist Office starting at 6:30.

Andreas isn’t playing over the next two weeks so Mike will be filling in for him and will be playing with Karen at the Danois tomorrow starting around 5:30. See you there!

PS And bravo Thomas for some great route-finding in the 3300!