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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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A Punchy Wind!!!

The sun was shining but with a punchy wind at altitude it felt colder than it actually was this morning. It was definitely windy enough to start working the snow and changes are changing quickly. With no new snow in sight we don’t need the wind stiffening up what’s left.

While the wind will ruin some nice soft snow it will always give us a change of conditions. There was evidence this morning of some nice souffle developing in places. No one prefers souffle over powder but there are times when it’s a very appreciated option. Last season when times were tough we had some stunning skiing in the Vallonnet on smooth wind-created souffle.

With all that said we had another great morning and managed some good snow before it turns in the wind. (see photos) I had another lovely morning with Amelia and her Dad David. (code mode!)

Chris skied on his new skis this morning and was really pleased. What he noticed most was how they were much more comfortable when the skiing became more difficult and he liked the grip on the piste. That’s all good news as we bought him his skis without him ever testing them! That might have given it all away!

For all you Revolverlites fans out there tonight’s gig has been cancelled. But, Fernando is definitely back tomorrow night and Karen and Andreas will be playing on Friday.

Stay tuned as the sun is forecast to shine!

PS Thanks to Mike and Mary Ann for a great apreo in the Taverne last night with Dick. We had a really good laugh and catch up.

PPS Karen and Andreas are stepping in for the Revolverlites tonight. Hope you can make it short notice!