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A Quieter World!!!

Is it just me or is the world a much quieter place since Trump left office? It’s so nice to not be subjected to his constant ranting and raving! So nice to not be bombarded by his latest Twitter post! So nice to not have to look at his smirking face as he tells us all how great he is!  Or how smart he is! GOD, what a dreadful man who certainly won’t be missed by me!

Donald Trump Joke:

There are four passengers on a airliner. Donald Trump, the Pope, Boris Johnson, and a 10-year-old boy. Suddenly the plane begins to shake and the pilot announces that the plane is going down and for all passengers to grab a parachute and jump. The problem is there are only three parachutes! The Pope jumps up, grabs a parachute and says “I’m the head of world religion and I must be saved” and he jumps. Donald Trump then gets up and says “I’m the smartest man in America and I have to make America great again” so he grabs a parachute and jumps. Boris then says to the young boy, “Son, you take the last parachute. I’ve lived my life and your life is only just beginning”. The young boy replies,” thanks Mr. Johnson but it’s okay. The smartest man in America grabbed my school bag”!

Stay tuned!