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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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A Reconnaissance Mission!!!

I had the morning off today and was skiing with the girls and their cousin Wils. Andreas and I thought it would be a good opportunity to have a look around so we headed towards the Sache via the Chardonnet.

After a good test off the Verte we had a good ski in the Borsat and meadows and thought we were in for some good snow. But, the other side of Tignes has some quite shocking conditions! It seems to have rained more and to a higher altitude towards the Chardonnet and Sache, and we bypassed both. The Chardonnet was definitely a frozen unskiable mess, and we didn’t dare try to enter the Sache.

We both backtracked and headed up the Motte where the snow was still excellent. It was just a matter of finding some nice lines between the track carnage from yesterday.

The rain we received a few days ago has helped to stabilise the mountain. It’s always a little off putting short-term as it makes for some tricky skiing. But, in the long run it makes our skiing much safer moving forward, and we’re very grateful for the rain.

When you look around at the moment it’s incredible how many slopes have purged themselves naturally. There are huge avalanches on every exposure, and many of them are down to the ground. It was shaping up to be a very dangerous start to the season but this rain has helped enormously to make conditions safer.

And like we do every Boxing Day for the past 12 years we think about David and his family!

We are expecting a little snow tonight and fingers crossed that we’ll be able to see in the morning. Stay tuned!