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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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A Reconnaissance Mission!!!

After the rain to 2800 metres and wind at altitude our options have been pretty much non-existent. Yesterday we had a good ‘sniff’ and pleasant scouting morning at altitude towards the Fornet. Today we decided to head to Tignes to see what was on offer.

Penny, Michael, Johnnie Alpine, Chris and I ended up being pleasantly surprised with the quality of skiing. Some nice options are starting to open up to  give us some fun skiing over the next few days. New snow isn’t too far away now so we only have a couple of days to make the most of. (see photos)

There isn’t any powder skiing out there but there is some really good snow. When times are tough anything that works is greatly appreciated and any ‘sniff’ is very satisfying.

The last two days have been very beneficial to me personally. I’ve really been struggling with my skiing since the long lay off and my operation. But with the rubbish conditions I’ve had two excellent mornings making the most of when we’ve been on the piste. I’ve been working on slow precise skiing trying to reboot my body. Trying to reprogramme motor movements that have been laying dormant. I’m still no where near my best but I’ve enjoyed the past couple of days and am feeling some improvement.

Karen played on her own at the Danois last night. With the new seated only rules there isn’t a lot of space now for apres-ski lovers. The Danois was empty but Karen did her thing and was her fantastic self.

There is definitely a change in town as people are frightened to go anywhere. More and more people are forming little bubbles and staying in. The bars and restaurants are seriously suffering now as people try to ride out this latest Covid wave.

There isn’t a huge amount on offer but I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Stay tuned!

And Happy New Year!