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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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A Relaxing Day!!!

Geoff, Inga, Simon, Louise and I had a pretty relaxing morning skiing some lovely piste with some off-piste mixed in while soaking up the glorious sunshine. It is getting really difficult out there and unless you are prepared to work hard for your snow there really aren’t many options at the moment. (see photos) I’ve ‘skinned’ 15-days-in-a-row so I kept it down to a short 15-minute walk today because I’m going on another road trip tomorrow and will need my energy!

Chris took his team up to the Fornet for a ‘skin’ followed by a trip through the gorge, I’ve no idea what Henri skied while both Andreas and Thomas had the day off.

My afternoon lessons kicked-off today with Steve and Helen who are here for three weeks. We had a cracking afternoon and it was really nice to get out and do some technique again as I have missed it.

We may see some snow on Friday and again on Sunday so it’s time to dance to whoever you dance to because we are in desperate need of a fresh canvas and some options. Hats-off however to all our clients who have persevered through this difficult time and for the most part the skiing has been very enjoyable but the fact that you all show up every morning with smiles on your faces is greatly appreciated!

Stay tuned for more news and photos tomorrow!

PS There are a couple of photos of some artwork done by a pisteur on the Grande Motte. It’s pretty impressive work!