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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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A Short Morning!!!

We had a short morning but I was surprised that we skied at all! There were 110 kph winds at altitude, rain to 2200 metres, and about 50 cm’s of fresh snow.

The Pisteurs did a brilliant job and had a limited opening going quick quickly. Our first run top-to-bottom on La Daille (no choice as nothing else was open!), was ‘educational’ but fun. We went up for a second run and by this time the snow was too risky for the knees and the pistes were uncomfortable, so Chris and I called it a day. (It was the type of snow that if someone hurt themselves skiing, you’d feel totally responsible.)

My leisurely afternoon got off to a bad start as I broke a glass, which shattered splinters everywhere. It took me a good 30 minutes to hoover and clean and make sure (hopefully) that there isn’t any nasty pieces waiting to stab someone in the future.

Last night’s gig at the Danois was absolutely stunning. Karen and Andreas played a fantastic first set to kick off the evening. Then Mike and Ritchie played a brilliant set. Thanks for Sultan’s Of Swing Mike, it was outstanding! And besides Ritchie’s wonderful, sax, trumpet and flute, his rap number was a lot of fun. To round off the evening they all played together for an hour and it was just one of those rare nights. Wow and thank you all!

I’d like to give a big mention to Alex and his twin brother Harry. They started at Alpine when they were little kids and it’s hard to believe they are now not only old enough to drink, but they’ve grown into 30-year-old adults! It was great to see you both and Thomas had an excellent week skiing with you.

And a big mention to the Munke Tour boys. Henrik, Mogens, Jorgen, Lars and Soren have been huge and faithful fans of Val d’Isere, Mike and Ritchie, Karen, and Andreas since the 1990’s. The boys come every year and last night’s gig was in their honour. Wow, what a night!

Stay tuned!