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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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A ‘Sniff’ At The Fornet!!!

The Fornet is a spectacular sector. It has everything. Stunning views, outstanding terrain, it’s away from lifts and buses, and when it’s good it is the place to be. Unfortunately, so far this season the Fornet has been very poor and we’ve rarely skied it.

Still, every once in a while it’s nice to go up and just try to ‘sniff’ out some decent skiing. Today was one of those days where we wanted a change of scenery. And there was a temperature inversion this morning so it wasn’t going to be brutally cold like yesterday.

Chris came as well and for the most part the skiing was really good. (see photos) We started off skiing the sunny-side of the Combe du 3300. Next up was a trip into the Pays Desert. It looks like the moon out there but there are some nice pockets and strips of snow. Even at that altitude you need to be aware of patches of rain crust still lingering from three weeks ago!

We then skied the shoulder far-left in the Combe du Signal and it was pretty good. We traversed through some soft tempting snow to get there. Unfortunately it was too rocky to risk skiing the steep slopes which had purged themselves.

By this stage we’d had a pretty successful morning. I thought we’d have a look in the Grand Vallon to finish off and I should have quit while I was ahead.  It was without a doubt the worst run of the season. What a mess! I told everyone to erase it immediately from the memory bank and not to tell anyone. No wonder we haven’t skied there all season!

Don’t forget the Danois tonight at 5 o’clock. Karen and Andreas will be playing and as I say every week, “it’s my favourite two hours of the week”. It certainly beats the Grand Vallon!!!

Stay tuned!

PS Thomas finished his successful eight day private with his Portuguese clients. He’ll be off for the next three days as he’s going to Germany. Andreas was in action and after tonight’s gig will be off tomorrow. And Henry is staying in a refuge tonight for one of his client’s 50th birthday.