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A Stunning Finish!!!

This past week has been brilliant and today was a stunning finish to another fantastic season. With the fresh snow from a few days ago followed by a couple of days of sun the spring snow was as ‘clean’ as it gets and it was a real treat today to have such pristine conditions. We warmed-up with a couple of nice runs off the Verte waiting for the Borsat to open before skiing a wonderful run out towards the Cabine de la Garde, followed by the ‘L’ while waiting for the Cugnai to soften up a little. (Penny called it a season at this stage and went home with a smile on her face) The Cugnai was excellent and definitely needed to be skied again and after Dawn and Richard happily called it season Virginie and I skied it with just one-stop in absolutely perfect conditions! We finished with a brilliant Marmottons into the Marmottes at 1:30 with a couple of fist-pumps and you couldn’t wish for better conditions to finish the season!

Karen and Andreas’ gig at the Coin des Amis was fantastic last night and I’m really going to miss the gig-scene during the summer. Karen and Andreas are now playing at the Crozet’s end-of-season party but I can’t really go as I’ve so much to do in preparation for a 5AM departure tomorrow. (I’d write a longer blog today but I’ve left a lot of things to the last minute, which is what happens when you’re having too much fun!)

Thanks you to you all for supporting Alpine Experience like you do and thanks also to all you regular blog followers! Stay tuned for periodic posts during the off-season, have a great summer and see you all next winter!