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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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A Trip To The Fornet!!!

It’s been a bit of a strange winter so far and we’ve hardly skied the Fornet. I decided to head up there today for a change of scenery and to deal with whatever came my way.

The skiing was actually pretty good and although a little scratchy in places we covered a lot of ground. We dove into  the Combe du 3300 because the t-bar hadn’t yet opened and it was better than expected. Then we skied the Pays Desert and were about to circle back except the t-bar was having technical issues. I’d spotted a better line from underneath but the broken down t-bar put an end to that plan.

To finish off the morning we went for a little adventure and skied a variation of ‘Oh My’. It’s a very impressive slope with lots of exposure and always has great ambiance. Fortunately there was a strip of snow about ten metres wide, which worked nicely top-to-bottom. Anything either side of the creamy strip was ‘wish-bone’ snow and un-skiable.

You can sometimes get stung on reconnaissance missions. But I thought it was jolly enjoyable skiing and a nice change of pace.

Thomas has an eight-day private and is into day 2. Chris skied with Suzanne while Andreas had the day off and had ice hockey practice. And still haven’t heard from Henri!

Off to Johnnie Alpine’s for West Ham v Leeds. Come on you Hammers!