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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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A Trip To Tignes!!!

Saturday is always a good day to head Tignes-way and after spending three consecutive at the Fornet I decided on a change of scenery. We started with a Middle-Borsat from under the chair and meadows into Tignes before booting up into the Chardonnet. It must have rained harder in Tignes as the Chardonnet was affected by some big wet slides and there was some re-frozen rubble to avoid but we picked our way down and had a pretty good run. Next up was the Sachette Couloir, which was trackless (which always helps) and the snow quality was much better than the Chardonnet. Down low the spring snow was perfect except for the rivulets caused by running rain water and I haven’t seen any signs of anything that extreme on the Val d’Isere side of the mountain, although I’ve been skiing high and north lately. We finished off the morning with a really good Familial and I thought we had an excellent outing this morning as it certainly isn’t good everywhere!

I’ve changed into my spring gear now and even with much lighter clothing it was bloody warm at times. You can feel that radiation bouncing off the snow on the tip of the nose and it’s time for high factor sun cream and hats.

And what a night in the Danois last night! Karen and Mike had the place rocking and then Ritchie appeared for a guest performance on his trumpet and the trio were fantastic. There was a big showing of Alpine clients with Jukka and friend, Sebastian, Jules, Toby, and Virginie, not to mention everyone else in the bar, and everyone had a brilliant time!

PS The resort is trying its best to stay open and have started to sanitise the cable-cars and buses and are only loading cable-cars to a half-load to give people more breathing space. Some people are doing everything they can to get here while others are starting to cancel. Stay tuned!